Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can you believe that there is an abandoned castle in Asheville NC?!? If you want to see it, you have to go the the Grove Park Resort. Reminds me of the Borley Rectory, at least in my mind. I took this picture the other day. I should of waited till dusk to REALLY capture the vibe this castle gives off. All the stone came from Ireland. Check it out if you are ever in the area.

Some Jabladav updates: "The Cold Warmth" will be hitting the stores(Static Age,Aquarius,TheEnd etc, This month. Tracks that didn't fit the vibe of "Atta Vinter".

The follow up to "Atta Vinter" will be titled "Ayr". I just listened to the record from start to finish and didn't realize that there is more classical guitar in the mixes than I have ever used. The vibe is also more down-beats. The blast beats are still there, just a darker record mood wise.

I have a few copies of "Communion with Mother and Machine".

contact at


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I owe all a huge apology for  the lack of updates and uploads. My brotha at Cosmic Hearse makes it look so easy and I have no idea how he fits what he does in a single day. Allot is happening in the Jabladav recordings. "The Cold Warmth" is set to hit the stores. The release is tracks that didn't make the cut on "Atta Vinter". The goal was to make "Atta Vinter" a classic album. No fat and no filler. I think I have come close. There are some great tracks on "The Cold Warmth" that just didn't fit the vibe of "Atta Vinter". 

There will also be a split 7" with Shadow of the Destroyer that will come out in late fall with exclusive tracks that will only be released on the 7". 

I am also working on a 30 minute drone for WFMU that will be recorded for the station. Steve Wilson inspired drone. 

Other than that I'm doing nothing. 

Thanks for checking in. I promise I will make this site worth checking into soon. 


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Punch Comics #12. Finally found a copy at a good price. Best cover ever? Cole would be proud of that one!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Communion with Mother and Machine" is on the shelves!

This release took the LONGEST to get released! Here we are in March and this release has been in the can since Jan! 

Well, I think it was worth it, the 6 panel digipak looks amazing and it very VERY black in the posting! 

Please support Aquarius Records and buy through them if you can.

Their post on "Communion" 

JABLADAV Communion With Mother & Machine (self released) cd-r 8.98 
Latest from our favorite one man, Weakling by way of Black Flag styled black metal band, but don't be expecting any gnarled black blasts or pounding frenzied freakouts, Communion With Mother & Machine falls more in line with any of the various Jabaldav ambient records, but is notable for being created using mostly Buddha Machines and Black Boxes. A slow burning sonic collage, a blackened sprawling composition, that takes those prerecorded loops, as well as the process of switching from loop to loop (including any clicks or buzzes), and weaves them into a lush, densely layered dronescape, along with samples of other Jabladav recordings, field recordings of nature at night, Mellotrons, as well as some effects and feedback, the process is detailed in the liner notes, a simple technique of setting up the boxes in a circle around the microphone, with a particular box manually moved closer to increase its volume / presence, the colors of the Buddha Machines used are detailed as well (1 red, 1 orange, 1 white and 2 blue), as is the recording gear used, and various other steps of the process. And while that stuff is definitely interesting, it's the finished recording that matters, and it's incredible, a swirling, smoldering loopscape, crickets chirping over distant whirs, slowly shifting layered melodies, the glitch and grit of the tiny speakers adding more buzz and blur to the proceedings, deep melodic swells pulsing and shimmering, the loops slipping from organic and amorphous to machinelike and repetitive and back again, creaks and groans, disembodied voices, everything building to lush heaving slabs of layered density, laced with tinkling melodies, all set amidst thick clouds of muted crunch, smoothed into gorgeous expanses of blissed out lustrous mesmer. So great.
Total nirvana for dronelords, and as with all Jabalav stuff, WAY recommended, whether buzzy or beautiful, or both.
Packaged in super swank 6 panel digipaks, each one signed and hand numbered, and limited to ONLY 100 COPIES!!!
MPEG Stream: 
"Communion With Mother & Machine (Excerpt 1)"
MPEG Stream: "Communion With Mother & Machine (Excerpt 2)" 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Thine Vinter,Lodona is Mine

 We are having a glorious winter here in North Carolina. 98" inches of white inspiration has fallen in my mountains. The inspiration of this winter has yielded much productivity musically . I have a ton of music to offer and will upload soon. Thank you for your understanding.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I hope you have checked out the wonderful first release by SOTD. If not, please do so. I will post some new music soon.  

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shadow of the Destroyer's "Harbingers of the Dark Truth"

Jabladav- Ben, Thanks for letting me post your first release, I couldn't think of a better release to start this blog off. Give us a little history of SOTD...

It started off with just Nate (our first drummer) and myself around November 2006. It took us a long time to get the line up we have now but we are all very happy with it. Guitars, bass, and vocals have been the same since we became a full band but we have been through a lot of drummers in the past three years. After we lost our second drummer Justin, we started having practice with his drum tracks from our first demo played through an ipod into our PA. It was almost impossible to hear the drums clearly which really crushed our motivation for a while. None of us ever want to have to do that again. Justin moved back after being gone a year and took back his position in the band which had recently become open again. We are back to our original complete line up and moving forward once again so be ready for more releases in the near future.

Jabladav-Can't help to hear some Weakling influenced guitar tones, is this a fair comment? What are the bands influences and what are you currently listening to?

  We are all big fans of Weakling for sure so having a similar tone is definitely not a bad thing.  I think at least for me my sound was less intended and more of result of the equipment I played, and still play through.  I bought a tube head for our band and I just play on the high gain channel with everything cranked except for my tone knobs.  I like to keep my set up simple, I don't need a pedal board with 20 different effects to get a sound I like.  As far as influences go theres a lot.  Some of my influences are musical, some stem from my own inner darkness, others come from nature and its own dark powers, and definitelty my disgust for religion and the small minded sheep that follow it.
Right now I'm listening to Urgehal  "Through Thick Fog Till Death", lately I have been listening to a heavy rotation of Urgehal, Funeral Mist, Dagon, Glorior Belli, Watain, and Mutilation.

Jabladav- For the gear heads out there, what are you currently using?  

I play a Gibson Explorer with the 500T bridge pick up, a 5150 head, Digitech Digiverb pedal that I don't like run into a Marshall 1960A 4x12 cabinet. Joey plays a Jackson guitar, a Chameleon effects processor, JCM 800 head into a Marshall 1960A 4x12 cabinet.

Jabladav- Tell us about the upcoming release and its direction?

  The new release is much darker and more brutal than the first.  Harbinger's of a Dark truth is two years old so we have progressed a lot as a band since then.  I think our new material is the embodiment of the darkness that we posess, we want our music to make you feel like you're watching the death of humankind through a swirling cloud of blackened fog that chokes you're every breath.  This is the direction of this release and future ones as well,which is pure vengeance, disgust, and hatred.

Jabladav- How can people buy your music?  

  You can get it through us at our shows and at a few local record stores, but as far as distros goes we don't have that worked out yet.

buy here: 

Jabladav- Final comments? 

  I just want to let everyone know that our upcoming release should be out before the end of January and will post the actual date on our myspace page as soon as its available. 

 Thanks for the interview and putting us up on your blogspot. Hails

                                             Shadow of the Destroyer
                             see them here:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Carolina Paysage D'Hiver

The snow is beginning to fall. Inspiration to follow. 

I will also get this blog back on track hopefully this weekend. Thank you for your understanding.