Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Communion with Mother and Machine" is on the shelves!

This release took the LONGEST to get released! Here we are in March and this release has been in the can since Jan! 

Well, I think it was worth it, the 6 panel digipak looks amazing and it very VERY black in the posting! 

Please support Aquarius Records and buy through them if you can.

Their post on "Communion" 

JABLADAV Communion With Mother & Machine (self released) cd-r 8.98 
Latest from our favorite one man, Weakling by way of Black Flag styled black metal band, but don't be expecting any gnarled black blasts or pounding frenzied freakouts, Communion With Mother & Machine falls more in line with any of the various Jabaldav ambient records, but is notable for being created using mostly Buddha Machines and Black Boxes. A slow burning sonic collage, a blackened sprawling composition, that takes those prerecorded loops, as well as the process of switching from loop to loop (including any clicks or buzzes), and weaves them into a lush, densely layered dronescape, along with samples of other Jabladav recordings, field recordings of nature at night, Mellotrons, as well as some effects and feedback, the process is detailed in the liner notes, a simple technique of setting up the boxes in a circle around the microphone, with a particular box manually moved closer to increase its volume / presence, the colors of the Buddha Machines used are detailed as well (1 red, 1 orange, 1 white and 2 blue), as is the recording gear used, and various other steps of the process. And while that stuff is definitely interesting, it's the finished recording that matters, and it's incredible, a swirling, smoldering loopscape, crickets chirping over distant whirs, slowly shifting layered melodies, the glitch and grit of the tiny speakers adding more buzz and blur to the proceedings, deep melodic swells pulsing and shimmering, the loops slipping from organic and amorphous to machinelike and repetitive and back again, creaks and groans, disembodied voices, everything building to lush heaving slabs of layered density, laced with tinkling melodies, all set amidst thick clouds of muted crunch, smoothed into gorgeous expanses of blissed out lustrous mesmer. So great.
Total nirvana for dronelords, and as with all Jabalav stuff, WAY recommended, whether buzzy or beautiful, or both.
Packaged in super swank 6 panel digipaks, each one signed and hand numbered, and limited to ONLY 100 COPIES!!!
MPEG Stream: 
"Communion With Mother & Machine (Excerpt 1)"
MPEG Stream: "Communion With Mother & Machine (Excerpt 2)" 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Thine Vinter,Lodona is Mine

 We are having a glorious winter here in North Carolina. 98" inches of white inspiration has fallen in my mountains. The inspiration of this winter has yielded much productivity musically . I have a ton of music to offer and will upload soon. Thank you for your understanding.