Monday, August 8, 2011

AQ has THEE last copies of these!

JABLADAV The Cold Warmth (self-released) cd-r 9.98  
We've been sitting on a handful of these, the most recent release by Weakling worshippers Jabaladav, a ridiculously limited edition of just 50 copies, with the intention of eventually getting a bunch more to list and review. Well, we were informed recently by the man himself that The Cold Warmth was out of print, and thus we have the last handful of copies. And while there is a new full length on the horizon, this is most likely your last chance to get your grubby mitts on a copy of this, a collection of tracks recorded at the same time as Atta Vinter, but that were left off the final version. So Jabladav fans, if you dig AV, this is almost like a part two, all the usual Jabladav-isms are present, gnarled black blasts, mathy rhythms, killer riffing, the songs soaring and majestic one second, murky and dirge-y the next, the arrangements complex and almost proggy, with the sound switching from grim black, to grinding distorted churn, from strange processed vox flecked clean guitar moodiness to hazy, minor key almost post rock ambience, it's all good stuff, heavy and twisted, dark and tripped out. Apparently, according to the liner notes, Atta Vinter was meant to be 'to the point' and not at all epic, which is why these tracks were left off, but now with Atta Vinter AND The Cold Warmth in your clutches, the potential for grim black epicness is endless. 
As with all Jabladav releases, the packaging is pretty deluxe, housed in a dvd case, with a cool color cover, signed by the band, there's a xeroxed insert, also signed by the band and numbered, as well as a smaller color insert, which is numbered, as is the disc. And again, this is out of print, and these are THEE last copies we will ever be able to get. 
MPEG Stream: "The Cold Warmth" 
MPEG Stream: "Paysage" 
MPEG Stream: "Black Snow Reprise"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jabladav "Ayr" update

"Ayr" is off to the mastering process in AZ. Look for the release around September. The main delay was that I ended up going with a 6-panel digi-pak so you get the panoramic view of the NC mountains. The cover  picture was taken about 4800 ft up in Boone NC.

I never tyre of marvel of my state's surroundings. 

This is my best release to date. I worked very hard to give you a classic black metal album. It was done in the true fashion of a album where this is no filler. Clocks in just under 40 minutes but never repeats itself. It's not a listen where everything will be revealed in one listening. i hope you enjoy the journey. 

Check or to purchase. 

Jabladav 1993