Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mini Tour of Jabladav Studio

Welcome to a mini-tour of Jabladav Studio. To your left is a Line 6 Flextone HD Head. I use this for both guitar and bass parts in the studio. The rack underneath it is my old road gear: ADA MP-1 pre-amp (Mesa-Boogie/Groove Tube tubes)with a  MosValve Power amp. Not sure of year of the Mesa-Boogie 4x12.I bought it used in 95. My guess is it is a 1990 model. It is a mono cabinet and will knock your socks off. On the floor is a Rockman Midi pedal for the ADA and a Line 6 foot board. I have about 20 custom tones I have crafted on the Line 6. On the desk you see a Axiom 25 Midi-key/2 M-Audio BX-8 monitors/Samsung 20" /M-Box for Pro-Tools/Behringer 16 channel mixer. Mac G5 with 550 G loaded. The rack to the right houses a Sony TC-WE475 cassette deck/Onkyo TX-8211 Power Amp( kinda lame I know) Philips CDR778 cd-burner. I used this before I stepped up to Protools/Reason for recording. Great piece of equipment but it will only play cds now. Sony RCD-W500C 5 cd changer/burner. I used this for the master mix of "Communion with Mother and Machine". On top is my turntable that I bought at a yard sale for 10 bucks with a crate loaded of Zepplin/Floyd! I put a new stylus and belt and bought thousands of dollars in rare vinyl,What a deal huh?!!  Finally, to your right of the picture is my old keyboard that has seen better days. Three of the keys are broken from the blast-beats that was recorded on "Black as Pitch". In the future I will show you the rest. Hope you enjoyed your tour. Please exit to the left.  

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Limited 7" is now out at Aquarius Records

JABLADAV  "Cold"  (self released)  7"  9.98
      Three new songs from one man black metal band Jabladav, limited to only 100 copies, so grab one while you can.
      Jabladav explores some different sounds on Cold, the opener "Coldest Last Winter" begins with just keyboards, and clean guitar before the distortion kicks in, but instead of exploding into a frenzy of black buzz, the song lopes drearily, the keyboard remaining, plinking out a sorrowful minor key melody, while the drums pound out a doomic tempo, and the guitar buzz all washed out and Striborg like. It's heavy but more sort of dreamy and ethereal, near the end things get a little more mathy and convoluted with some cool stop starts, but for the most part it's all drift and haunting and doomy.
      The second track is another keyboards and guitar jam, the guitars tangled and folky, intricate and lush, the keyboards set on some strangehuman voice setting, so it sounds like a stuttering choir, and again, the 'band' kicks in, a trudging plod, harsh vokills over angular distorted chug, before things build to a full on black blast, the keyboards drifting creepily below the surface the whole time.
      The final track is way more classic Jabladav, the guitars sharp and jagged and buzzy, the drums frenetic and blasting, the melody epic and haunting, with some cool stumbling, lurching gnarled arrangements and a cool black ambient outro. Rad stuff as always. A bit different, but still shot through with that same twisted Jabladav vibe.
      Comes in a printed color sleeve, the 7"s are each numbered, there's an insert too, also numbered and signed and each with a little drawing, ALSO comes with a cd-r featuring the tracks from the 7", that too is hand numbered. LIMITED TO 100 COPIES, we got a bunch. but Jabladav stuff always blows out of here...

Always great to have the people at AQ care about pushing new music. I thank them as always. 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Communion with Mother and Machine

"Communion with Mother and Machine" is a Jabladav release that will come out in January of 2010. This recording was done using the following:

One Fostex X-12 4 track using a TDK CDPower 110 High Bias cassette
One Shure 57 that was placed outside and recorded the sounds of the night.
Five FM3 Buddha boxes red/orange/white and two blue
Two FM3 Buddha II boxes purple/brown
Two "Black Boxes" These are ok. I think the "White Boxes" will be better. Still cool.
Two "Ami Tuofo" boxes.
One "Ami Tuofo" box that has a pitch control
One Gold "Ami Tuofo" box that has different prayers on this box.
Reason samples(mellotrons/Jabladav samples) that were recorded live/miked to the M-Audio speakers into the Fostex X-12.

As far as the recording of the Buddha boxes, the boxes were placed in a circle with the 4-Track and the Shure 57 in the center of the circle. When you hear the recording,if you listen close you can hear me "clicking" the boxes to get the desired sample. I would then take the box that I wanted to have the most voice at that given moment and put it closer to the mike and I would also subtract boxes as well.

I am rather pleased with the end result and I hope you will check it out. It will be self-released and this one will come in a 6 card Digi-pak with pictures my wife took of the recording session. Limited to 100 copies and the Total run time is right at 45 minutes. One track of drone bliss.

This is my first post outside my blog that I never update on myspace. Hope I didn't waste your time and let me know if you like what you see.

I hope in the near future to upload some amazing OOP metal from the early 90's of North Carolina.