Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mini Tour of Jabladav Studio

Welcome to a mini-tour of Jabladav Studio. To your left is a Line 6 Flextone HD Head. I use this for both guitar and bass parts in the studio. The rack underneath it is my old road gear: ADA MP-1 pre-amp (Mesa-Boogie/Groove Tube tubes)with a  MosValve Power amp. Not sure of year of the Mesa-Boogie 4x12.I bought it used in 95. My guess is it is a 1990 model. It is a mono cabinet and will knock your socks off. On the floor is a Rockman Midi pedal for the ADA and a Line 6 foot board. I have about 20 custom tones I have crafted on the Line 6. On the desk you see a Axiom 25 Midi-key/2 M-Audio BX-8 monitors/Samsung 20" /M-Box for Pro-Tools/Behringer 16 channel mixer. Mac G5 with 550 G loaded. The rack to the right houses a Sony TC-WE475 cassette deck/Onkyo TX-8211 Power Amp( kinda lame I know) Philips CDR778 cd-burner. I used this before I stepped up to Protools/Reason for recording. Great piece of equipment but it will only play cds now. Sony RCD-W500C 5 cd changer/burner. I used this for the master mix of "Communion with Mother and Machine". On top is my turntable that I bought at a yard sale for 10 bucks with a crate loaded of Zepplin/Floyd! I put a new stylus and belt and bought thousands of dollars in rare vinyl,What a deal huh?!!  Finally, to your right of the picture is my old keyboard that has seen better days. Three of the keys are broken from the blast-beats that was recorded on "Black as Pitch". In the future I will show you the rest. Hope you enjoyed your tour. Please exit to the left.  

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