Friday, November 20, 2009

Communion with Mother and Machine

"Communion with Mother and Machine" is a Jabladav release that will come out in January of 2010. This recording was done using the following:

One Fostex X-12 4 track using a TDK CDPower 110 High Bias cassette
One Shure 57 that was placed outside and recorded the sounds of the night.
Five FM3 Buddha boxes red/orange/white and two blue
Two FM3 Buddha II boxes purple/brown
Two "Black Boxes" These are ok. I think the "White Boxes" will be better. Still cool.
Two "Ami Tuofo" boxes.
One "Ami Tuofo" box that has a pitch control
One Gold "Ami Tuofo" box that has different prayers on this box.
Reason samples(mellotrons/Jabladav samples) that were recorded live/miked to the M-Audio speakers into the Fostex X-12.

As far as the recording of the Buddha boxes, the boxes were placed in a circle with the 4-Track and the Shure 57 in the center of the circle. When you hear the recording,if you listen close you can hear me "clicking" the boxes to get the desired sample. I would then take the box that I wanted to have the most voice at that given moment and put it closer to the mike and I would also subtract boxes as well.

I am rather pleased with the end result and I hope you will check it out. It will be self-released and this one will come in a 6 card Digi-pak with pictures my wife took of the recording session. Limited to 100 copies and the Total run time is right at 45 minutes. One track of drone bliss.

This is my first post outside my blog that I never update on myspace. Hope I didn't waste your time and let me know if you like what you see.

I hope in the near future to upload some amazing OOP metal from the early 90's of North Carolina.

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