Saturday, November 21, 2009

Limited 7" is now out at Aquarius Records

JABLADAV  "Cold"  (self released)  7"  9.98
      Three new songs from one man black metal band Jabladav, limited to only 100 copies, so grab one while you can.
      Jabladav explores some different sounds on Cold, the opener "Coldest Last Winter" begins with just keyboards, and clean guitar before the distortion kicks in, but instead of exploding into a frenzy of black buzz, the song lopes drearily, the keyboard remaining, plinking out a sorrowful minor key melody, while the drums pound out a doomic tempo, and the guitar buzz all washed out and Striborg like. It's heavy but more sort of dreamy and ethereal, near the end things get a little more mathy and convoluted with some cool stop starts, but for the most part it's all drift and haunting and doomy.
      The second track is another keyboards and guitar jam, the guitars tangled and folky, intricate and lush, the keyboards set on some strangehuman voice setting, so it sounds like a stuttering choir, and again, the 'band' kicks in, a trudging plod, harsh vokills over angular distorted chug, before things build to a full on black blast, the keyboards drifting creepily below the surface the whole time.
      The final track is way more classic Jabladav, the guitars sharp and jagged and buzzy, the drums frenetic and blasting, the melody epic and haunting, with some cool stumbling, lurching gnarled arrangements and a cool black ambient outro. Rad stuff as always. A bit different, but still shot through with that same twisted Jabladav vibe.
      Comes in a printed color sleeve, the 7"s are each numbered, there's an insert too, also numbered and signed and each with a little drawing, ALSO comes with a cd-r featuring the tracks from the 7", that too is hand numbered. LIMITED TO 100 COPIES, we got a bunch. but Jabladav stuff always blows out of here...

Always great to have the people at AQ care about pushing new music. I thank them as always. 

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