Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jabladav "Ayr" update

"Ayr" is off to the mastering process in AZ. Look for the release around September. The main delay was that I ended up going with a 6-panel digi-pak so you get the panoramic view of the NC mountains. The cover  picture was taken about 4800 ft up in Boone NC.

I never tyre of marvel of my state's surroundings. 

This is my best release to date. I worked very hard to give you a classic black metal album. It was done in the true fashion of a album where this is no filler. Clocks in just under 40 minutes but never repeats itself. It's not a listen where everything will be revealed in one listening. i hope you enjoy the journey. 

Check or to purchase. 

Jabladav 1993

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