Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I owe all a huge apology for  the lack of updates and uploads. My brotha at Cosmic Hearse makes it look so easy and I have no idea how he fits what he does in a single day. Allot is happening in the Jabladav recordings. "The Cold Warmth" is set to hit the stores. The release is tracks that didn't make the cut on "Atta Vinter". The goal was to make "Atta Vinter" a classic album. No fat and no filler. I think I have come close. There are some great tracks on "The Cold Warmth" that just didn't fit the vibe of "Atta Vinter". 

There will also be a split 7" with Shadow of the Destroyer that will come out in late fall with exclusive tracks that will only be released on the 7". 

I am also working on a 30 minute drone for WFMU that will be recorded for the station. Steve Wilson inspired drone. 

Other than that I'm doing nothing. 

Thanks for checking in. I promise I will make this site worth checking into soon. 


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