Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can you believe that there is an abandoned castle in Asheville NC?!? If you want to see it, you have to go the the Grove Park Resort. Reminds me of the Borley Rectory, at least in my mind. I took this picture the other day. I should of waited till dusk to REALLY capture the vibe this castle gives off. All the stone came from Ireland. Check it out if you are ever in the area.

Some Jabladav updates: "The Cold Warmth" will be hitting the stores(Static Age,Aquarius,TheEnd etc, This month. Tracks that didn't fit the vibe of "Atta Vinter".

The follow up to "Atta Vinter" will be titled "Ayr". I just listened to the record from start to finish and didn't realize that there is more classical guitar in the mixes than I have ever used. The vibe is also more down-beats. The blast beats are still there, just a darker record mood wise.

I have a few copies of "Communion with Mother and Machine".

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  1. Hey Dude,
    I just wanted to hit you up with kid of an odd question i finally got a physical copy of "dead as duck" today at aquarius records and, damnedest thing, but my cd-r seems to be missing the track "into the sun" and my track listing is in a different order than all the ones i've seen online. I was just wondering if i have a fucked up cd-r or if it's a different pressing or something? If you dont mind contacting me with the info [and maybe the missing song?] my email is

    thanks for your time,

  2. Got you covered. Sorry for the error. -Jabladav

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