Friday, September 2, 2011

"Ayr" has shipped!

This might of been the most exhaustive release to date. This release took two years to complete.
 After finally sitting here with the physical copy in my hands, it was worth it. Hours and hours of mixing. 

Different takes on classical guitars. USING different classical guitars. Did I mention that there is classical guitar on this release? 
The idea of "Ayr" started with a trip in Boone,NC. There is a point where NC and Tennessee meet and the cd cover is the view. I was so taken back of how open and unpopulated it is. Not to sound too misanthropic, but this was a nice reminder of why city life does not sit well with me.  So after processing this picture I took from 6800 ft, where I could almost touch the clouds as they came over-head that I knew this would be the inspiration . "Atta Vinter" was so brutal and fast that I wanted the next Jabladav release to be nothing like that. I assure you, It is NOTHING like "Atta Vinter"! This release will not show itself to you in the first listen. Part of that is in the element of using the classical guitar more so on this release than any other to date. The reason for this is I decided I was going to invest more time in studying classical guitar. I had an amazing teacher while growing up. I was actually studying college courses while in high school at private school in Virginia. Well, not to name names, the teacher that I picked was the opposite of my younger experience. Jaded is the best I could describe it. The first piece we worked on was " Venezuelan Waltz" by Valse Criollo. Amazing piece and very,VERY fast! This did not go well. I was about 70% on my technique and he did not have the temperament to deal with that.
So I tabled the idea of having a mentor for classical guitar and invested in a classical guitar made by Jesus Diaz Reyes. If you don't know that name, take the time to investigate. 

This is where I actually start taking about "Ayr".
 The first track is a classical guitar piece using this guitar. I love intros to LP or cds. I have never done a proper one. I have now. The Cd starts off with 
1."Harlow's Eng". A very dark classical guitar piece to set the mode.
                        2 .Sorg Bringer pa Hosten. Sorrow would be the best word used here for this track. 
                           3. Tronen Falle. Clean vocals mixed with growls. Ulver influenced for sure.
   4.Oktober. Blast beats. 
                             5.Vinter Drept Varen. More blast beats with some odd times at the end of the track.
                            6. Fall Bringer Vintre Omfavnelse . More sorrow. 
                        7. Ayr. Longest track on the cd and will take some listens to understand. 
                        8. Ekte Kjaerlightet. Very mournful. The idea was to make a "classic" recording. I worked very hard on this release. I hope you enjoy. 

This will be release at first! Support! 


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